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SEO tips and coaching for your own website (and not examples)

You will lean how to apply the best practices that are relevant to your website: Here's a typical scenario, you manage your own e-commerce or lead generating website but you don't have enough time to apply SEO best practices. This is where I step in.

The Google Search Console is "the" SEO reporting tool. This is where you will understand what brings you organic traffic, which topics work, which keywords & pages to optimize, how does Google "see" my website, what can I do to increase my CTR (Click Through Rate) and ultimately my conversion.

You will learn the basics and the advanced: robots, sitemaps, user keywords, structured data and rich snippets, internal linking, and other must have SEO techniques.

question_answer Ask me anything SEO or GSC related.

SEO Coaching with Google Search Console : beginner and intermediate levels

Works best for a website with at least a few hundred visits per month. Made to allow you to fly on your own in a relatively short time. You'll keep the recording of the live session(s) for later reference.

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Fees : €239 €169

Tools we'll use/provide Time Fees
GSC, Analytics: (2h in 1 session) €169
Above + Technical Audit: (3 to 4h over 2 sessions) €269
Above + Content & Backlink Audit: (6h over 3 sessions of 2h each) €529


Learn the basic and advanced features of the Google Search Console, and how to "translate" this data into an actionable SEO plan for your website. Why is my website not getting indexed, what is crawl budget and do I need to worry about it, how can I enhance my site speed & user experience, why am I seeing mobile friendly errors, what are structured data warnings... we will answer all these questions and more.

This coaching is personalized for your website and your specfic case, conducted live and you get to keep the recordings. Prepare your questions, we will take the time to answer them all.

Content and Tech SEO

All Google Search Console aspects and sections are covered in this training. This is NOT a recording, but a live coaching for your specific needs.

Content: Which site structure should I / can I use, How can I compete against my competitors, How can I enhance my CTR (Click Through Rate), Which backlinks and how to get them, Is my UX up to par and does it convert, and plenty of other questions that you might have.

Essential tech SEO aspects of the GSC:

Performance: Essentiel to understand

Sitemap: Index, noindex, structure, how does it work

Coverage : What is "excluded", "included but not in sitemap", why am I seeing errors and warnings

Core web vital: UX, Page Speed... why is my website slow or under "needs improvement"

Enhancements: Mobile friendly, rich snippets / resultats, vidéo snippets, product reviews, etc - they all have a specific function and can help you get more from your organic (and other) traffic

question_answer Ask me anything SEO or GSC related.


info How long is this training? Starting from 2 hours long.

info Before starting: Is your website verified with the GSC? If not get in touch below, we'll set it up for you, on complimentary basis

info Any special equipment? None. Just a screen and Zoom or Skype. You don't need a camera.

info What else? Access to your GSC, with a minimum of stats of clicks and traffic. Unsure? Contact us below.

info Refunds? Not refundable once started. You do get a complimentary call before the session to see if this is a good fit for you. Contact us below.

info Payment method : Card or transfer or PayPal.

info Keep the recording : €15 only as small supplement.

info Hidden fees...: None whatseover. This training does not aim to sell you any further services.

info I need an invoice/receipt: Sure, I'm registered and issue invoices, not under VAT yet.

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Who's the coach?

I'm Riad, living in France, Yvelines. 15 years in e-commerce with small and big companies, internationnally. I co-founded some, and I learnt a lot along the way.

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Questions you might have

  • What type of menu and navigation should I opt for?
  • Why are my pages not indexed?
  • How to fix my errors and warnings?
  • Is my sitemap correct?
  • What about the robots.txt?
  • Should I index this category, tag, collection?
  • Why is site speed so important and how to fix it?
  • I have a manual action or penalty, what do I do?
  • What are 404 pages and how to fix it? And should I fix it?
  • My website has been hacked and my search results are giberish, how do I fix it?

We will bring a clear and actionable answer to all of these questions through this 1-to-1 SEO training.

Is this for me?

This SEO training is for you if:

You have traffic but you want qualified and more traffic that converts Your competitor is ranking higher and getting more business You're in for the mid or long term You want to win You have errors and warnings shown in the GSC

question_answer Ask me anything SEO or GSC related.

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